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"Data quality is a partnership between different departments in an organization. Sales ops, marketing, and customer success have to collaborate to guarantee data quality. "

Nicholas Zorrilla

Many organizations fail to educate employees on data quality, integrity and governance. Hence, most employees, including sales ops have limited information on data quality and its importance."

Catherine Mandungu

Director of Sales Operations

"A successful sales ops person should partner with senior sales leadership in revenue planning, forecasting, strategic planning, and sales go-to-market strategy. They should establish himself as a trusted advisor to sales leadership"

Mohit Bhargava

Big Tech Co
Business Planning Operations

"It opines that high performing sales ops leaders must know how to hire quality talent. They hire salespeople who are relationship builders, persuasive, and experts in the sales cycle"

Alan Kingsley Perkins

KingsleyPerkins Ltd
Sales Operations and Business

"When you are unleashing changes that will make the sales team’s life better, you must have the ability to secure buy-in for the changes."

Joe Gates

Sales Operations Manager

"A great leader develops clearly defined roles, promotion paths and success metrics and inspires everyone to be a leaner and aim higher."

Katyusca Barth

Sales Operations Manager

"Other teams like marketing and customer success should not just pull data from the CRM but also help to enrich it. "

Cornelia Klose

Sales Operations Manager

"A sales ops leader should also be growth-driven and an expert in leveraging any opportunity that comes his team’s way. Also, he should not hesitate to make difficult decisions to cut out losses."

Dante Hawkins

Sales Operations Director

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We tracked down the most effective sales operations leaders in the world to jump on the Sales Ops Demystified podcast to share their wisdom. We asked 8 “no nonsense” questions and have now summarised their responses into the Sales Ops Handbook.

Jay Khiroya

Head Of Revenue Operations @ Doctify

“To become successful in Sales Operations you have to have an open mind in the first month or so by taking in everything and then finding opportunities.”

Cris Santos

Revenue Strategy and Operations @ Pluralsight

“The best sales ops people can predict what will happen, not just react.”

Brandon Bussey

Sr Director of Revenue Operations @ Lucid

“Sales ops should develop different ways of solving problems as opposed to just one single approach, if they want to succeed.”

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